I'm a passionate advocate for raising awareness about protecting our hearing from an early age and supporting the MLSC UK. This passion stems from friends and colleagues personal experiences with hearing loss leading to a strong belief that prevention is key to preserving hearing health.

Often it’s too late when we finally understand the impact it can have on the quality of life, including communication difficulties, social isolation, and reduced job prospects. Hearing loss is a prevalent in the music industry with a survey conducted by Help Musicians UK reporting 80% of musicians experience hearing loss, tinnitus, or other hearing-related issues. Similarly, a study by the charity Action on Hearing Loss found that 69% of sound engineers reported experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus.

I’m committed to raising awareness about the importance of protecting hearing from an early age. Educating young people about the risks of exposure to loud noise and the steps they can take to prevent hearing loss can have a significant impact on the future listeners.

A great initiative and we need more and more resources and support for those currently affected by hearing loss in the UK and then the future of the UK music industry.