BAPAM are clinical specialists, delivering expert health and wellbeing services for those working in the performing arts

The breadth of health challenges that may be encountered throughout performing arts careers can range from mental health, musculoskeletal, vocal health and hearing concerns, while common issues such as eyesight and dental health can cause specific problems when performing. BAPAM connects those working and studying in the performing arts with clinical specialists in these fields, and more. We ensure they receive the best possible information and training to prevent poor health as well as care when things go wrong, to support healthy careers and aid recovery from illness or injury.

As an occupational physician focused on performing artists, the Make Listening Safe Campaign is paramount. It safeguards the auditory health of these artists, addressing the unique challenges posed by their sound-rich environments.

Dr Finola Ryan, Executive Medical Director, BAPAM (British Association for Performing Arts Medicine)