EFHOH mission : EFHOH’s overall objective is to protect, promote and raise awareness on the rights of persons with hearing loss in Europe: facilitating legislative and social protection. This is realised through practical actions in collaboration with members and other stakeholders. EFHOH supports preventative actions towards maintaining good hearing health and mitigation of noise exposure.

EFHOH President, Lidia Best : Our members represent those having lived experience of hearing loss, for some , it is due to unsafe listening practices or the noise exposure in general. With growing number of people with hearing loss, it is important that we are part of prevention and education measures, sharing our own experiences and difficulties we face on daily basis. Like with campaign cracked egg logo: once the egg cracks, you cannot put it back together. Same can be said about hearing.


Let's be kinder to our hearing, because once is is gone, it cannot be restored!

Lidia Best CPACC - President - European Federation of Hard of Hearing People - EFHOH