Global Esports Federation

The Global Esports Federation's support for the "Make Listening Safe Campaign" is rooted in its mission to promote universal values of equality, fair play, diversity, inclusion, and innovation within the world’s esports community. We envision a safe, inclusive, and healthy esports environment that celebrates and inspires youth. This aligns with our commitment to raise awareness and improve health and well-being, particularly among the younger generation.

GEF's support for the "Make Listening Safe Campaign" directly connects with the Performance+ program, which aims to support esports athletes and the grassroots gaming community in adopting a balanced, healthy lifestyle informed by science and enabled by technology. By endorsing safe listening practices, we reinforce our commitment to holistic well-being and a safe gaming environment, demonstrating the GEF’s dedication to the health of our entire #worldconnected esports community.


About the Global Esports Federation

From our world headquarters in Singapore and strategic hubs around the world, the Global Esports Federation promotes the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports. Powered by our universal values and Member Federations, we convene athletes, players, developers and publishers, community partners, and sporting organizations on one inclusive platform.

In addition to a prestigious global event portfolio, together with our strategic partners, we collaborate on a series of Global Social Impact Initiatives (GSII) to create positive social impact.

Inspired by our motto – #worldconnected – our mission calls for the development of tangible initiatives that are in service to the world’s esports community.


Our dedication to these values through various educational initiatives and events. The GEF has been proactive in integrating WHO global standards on safe listening into our recommendations and requirements for venues and event organizers.

Dr. Melita N. Moore, Vice President of the Global Esports Federation Board