The UK Hearing Conservation Association (UKHCA) are a multidisciplinary group of hearing health professionals passionate about preventing hearing loss and hearing health impact through common sense, cost effective, evidenced solutions. Our membership consists of noise consultants, product and service providers, health and safety professionals, occupational hygienists, occupational health professionals, acousticians, and we are supported by a number of professional, trade and charitable organisations.

We aim to

  • Be a credible, independent source of information, knowledge and advice providing practical advice and solutions to common workplace and public health noise problems.
  • Be a force for influencing key stakeholders to shift attitudes and actions around noise and hearing loss by raising awareness and education
  • Provide leadership in hearing conservation and influence others to take notice and make positive changes to ‘buy quiet’ ‘turn it down’ and ‘conserve hearing’
  • Provide evidence and identify gaps in understanding to steer future research and innovation
  • Provide a forum for like-minded professionals to share ideas, collaborate and press for change
  • To serve as an independent reputable forum for review and debate of emerging guidance, standards and regulation in this field

 We look forward to collaborating and amplifying these messages to reach as many people as possible; changing behaviour and attitudes to personal listening.

Hearing Conservation | UK Hearing Conservation Association

The UKHCA strongly support the Make Listening Safe Campaign as we see this as a significant risk for global hearing health, and also a completely preventable source of exposure to harm.

Clare Forshaw,‚Äč Partner