Noise Abatement Society

The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) is a dynamic UK charity working since 1959 for over 60 years to educate about sound, how it affects us and how we can cut noise and improve soundscapes pragmatically and sustainably. Its internationally respected work helps relieve the physical and mental distress caused by noise which profoundly affects health, wellbeing and quality of life, NAS programmes include:

  • A unique free Helpline assisting noise sufferers at home, work and in the community.
  • NAS’ Silent ApproachTM protocol for quiet logistics, used during London 2012 and endorsed by many, including the UK Government and Transport for London.
  • The John Connell Awards named after NAS’ far-sighted founder and established over two decades ago recognise innovative programmes, products and solutions from government, local government, industry, organisations and individuals who have made a positive impact to reduce excessive noise and design better soundscapes to support health and wellbeing and improve the sound environment.
  • The Quiet MarkTM International Award for excellence, launched by NAS in 2012, now an independent company, given to manufacturers of the quietest products and solutions and helping consumers make informed choices whilst providing a new marketing platform for industry,
  • NAS’ Soundscape and Future Sound Foundation programmes of education, outreach, research and consultancy developing standards and evidence to support policy makers, industry and the next generation of acousticians, designers and urbanists.

NAS’ Love your EarsTM campaign aimed at children and young people raising awareness of premature hearing loss through continuous exposure to loud music and harmful sound.

The NAS applauds the aims of the Make Listening Safe Campaign, as stated by the World Health Organization, to “realise a world where people of all ages can enjoy recreational listening without risk to their hearing”. This fits perfectly with NAS’ longstanding Love your EarsTM campaign.

Gloria Elliott OBE, chief executive, Noise Abatement Society