The NTIA is a Trade Association and Membership Organisation that promotes the unique contribution of The Night Time Industry in the UK and internationally.

Ensuring that the public discussion about the benefits to the UK – and internationally – of the Night-Time Industry is clearly understood across society.

Championing the enormously successful entrepreneurs who make Britain one of the most exciting international destinations for tourists.

Our members are serious about working and living in the areas their establishments exist within. NTIA is committed to encouraging members to engage with the local community to ensure conversations and understanding.

Communicating with decision-makers and helping to forge a “360-degree” approach whereby legislators, the police, local planning authorities, and residents are all part of the national and local discussion to helping to continually improve business, culture and creativity in Britain.

Creative, passionate, and full of energy, The NTIA represents the enormous success story that is the UK’s fifth biggest industry, which accounts for at least 8% of the UK’s employment.

The NTIA does not only seek to promote and support the businesses that make up the night time economy, it also recognises that the health of all those working in the industry is crucial to its success and must be cared for.

The NTIA are pleased to announce the partnership with the “Make Listening Safe” Campaign in the UK, an initiative of the World Health Organisation to increase the awareness of avoidable risks to hearing and promote the WHO’s global standards on safe listening at venues and events.

The industry has a huge part to play in safeguarding peoples hearing in our industry, from bar staff, performers, security and crew. Thousands of people across our sector suffer from hearing loss, and if we continue to dismiss the wider impacts thousands more will follow.



Losing the ability to listen to music is inconceivable, especially given that I have based my career on music and night time economy. When asked if we would like to promote the MLSC as part of our wider UK project we grabbed the opportunity with both hands

Michael Kill CEO NTIA