Prof Adrian Davis

Adrian is an epidemiologist who has worked in the area of population hearing health for several decades. He directed the MRC National Study of Hearing which was the first national detailed study of hearing in the UK. He was the founding director of the NHS National Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) and was responsible for the roll out of Modernising Hearing Aid Services (MHAS and MCHAS) and the quality standards associated with audiology services in the NHS in England (and Scotland and Wales in partnership with local teams). He is also a founder of the international population hearing health care meetings and network (POPHHC). Adrian is a technical advisor to the WHO.

Adrian’s work details hearing thresholds in adults and in children in the population and shows that age, gender and noise very much influence hearing thresholds. His work also shows that seeking help for hearing problems is much delayed for people with hearing that would benefit from amplification. 

The Make Listening Safe initiative will not address all the issues here but is a good first step in protecting people’s hearing as they grow older. Protection and safe listening is a great first step to preserving quality of life in people who are at risk for hearing problems in later life.

Prof Adrian Davis OBE