The UK Noise Assosiation

The UK Noise Association, formed in 2000, is a national body which works to reduce noise pollution. It has a wide-ranging remit, covering all aspects of noise. It is a non-charitable, non profit making campaigning organisation, run by a group of people with proven expertise in noise and many years of experience campaigning on the issue.

It has a charitable wing, The Noise Association, which carries out research and produces publications. Both bring together a coalition of key organisations lobbying on different aspects of noise. 

 We highlight noise problems but our focus is on solutions.  We are conscious that many activities which cause noise – cars, planes, music, for example – also bring much enjoyment to people. But we believe there are clear ways forward to reduce noise pollution without taking the enjoyment and fun out of life. We lobby governments, local authorities, private companies and individuals to put in place sensible solutions to tackle noise.

 Noise is a much bigger problem than it need be. The solutions are often not difficult. All it needs is political commitment, adequate resources and a willingness to give it a higher priority. If it doesn’t happen, noise will continue to be a real problem. Did you know local councils get more complaints about noise than anything else? That shouldn’t be the case. That needn’t be the case.

The UK Noise Association is happy to back this innovative and impressive campaign

The UK Noise Association